woensdag 13 april 2011

My room

This afternoon I went to the bookstore with my old coupons to buy two books of Lauren Conrad, Style and L.A. Candy, and the UK Cosmopolitan (you have to do something with it wright?) Laurens books were on my list because she is a real style icon and role model for me, and I heard so many great things about the books that I couldn't hold it any longer. I also realised that I've never really posted pic's I took myself.. so here are some pictures of my room and more :)


dinsdag 5 april 2011

Since not so long ago I've been respecting a person more and more, a boy who has accomplished already so much for his age (16). It's just unbelieveble! I am talking about Justin Bieber. I know that there are so many people who hate him, and you won't hear me say that I have Bieber fever or whatever they call it (though he isn't badlooking), but I think that it may be said that he deserves a bit of respect. And I could wish for so much money and the change to travel around the world, not even mentioning his own book, movie, documentary etc..


While summer is getting closer and closer, I can't help recognizing that I'm feeling a bit happier everyday, the thought of long warm days, swimming, flipflops, icecreams, the feeling of no rules, and ofcoure, SUMMER HOLIDAYS!